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Space & Flow is a movement-based Yoga practice designed to promote a healthy spine, strong muscles, and body-mind awareness.

This method focuses on spinal and joint integrity and on harnessing the power of the nervous system for optimal physical potential and overall wellness.

Drawing inspiration from somatic education, martial arts, dance, and strength & conditioning, Space & Flow offers a multi-faceted approach to enhance the body's vitality.

With roots in Sufism, Tantra, and Zen Buddhism, this practice takes you on a transformative journey of creativity, sensuality, and resilience.

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Get access to a growing library of over 50 Space & Flow movement videos:

  • Fundamentals: Detailed breakdowns of S&F principles and movements.
  • Sequencing Workshops & Mini-Courses: Vinyasa Flow using S&F principles.
  • Strengthen B4 You Stretch: Raphan's protocols for preparing and strengthening before stretching.
  • Cat Stretch Movement: Explore spine flexion and extension for an enhanced Flow practice.
  • 30-minute Practices: Includes Somatic Explorations and themed sessions.
  • 60-minute Classes: Featuring the S&F Dynamic Warm Up (DWU) used in every session.
  • 90-minute Classes: Start with 'Somatic Tuning In', includes DWU and a Vinyasa sequence.
  • 2-hour Masterclasses: In-depth dialogue, vocabulary explanations, and movement patterns.
  • Bonus Content: 1-1 lessons, teacher chats, and more.

Access on laptop/desktop, tablet, and smartphone via the free Kajabi app.

All at a monthly affordable rate, cancel anytime.  Try 7 days for just £1!


Space & Flow Yoga teachers

Helen Gevaux

Reading & Wokingham, U.K
Website        Instagram

Gabriella Mendy

Hastings, U.K
Website     Instagram

Rowena Ramsell

Walthamstow, U.K
Website         Instagram

Ghalia Mubarak

Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Website     Instagram