"CreatingĀ Movement is Harnessing the Soul"


Meet Raphan

Visionary Wellness Leader, Founder of Space & Flow Yoga, Podcaster, and Transformational Coach.

At the heart of my work lies a profound belief in the transformative power of movement and mindfulness. With over two decades immersed in the wellness industry, I've dedicated my life to exploring the intricate dance between the physical and the spiritual, the individual and the collective. My journey from the vibrant streets of London to the serene vistas of Barcelona has been one of continuous exploration, growth, and a deepening commitment to wellness and leadership.

Revolutionising Wellness

As the founder of Space & Flow Yoga, I've redefined traditional yoga practices by integrating them with the fluidity of dance, the discipline of martial arts, and the insights of somatic education. My mission? To empower individuals to find balance, strength, and serenity in their lives. Space & Flow Yoga is more than a practice; it's a global community of individuals committed to personal transformation and mindful living.

A Voice of Inspiration

Through the Sweet Blasphemy podcast, I extend an invitation to challenge conventional wisdom, embrace curiosity, and explore the depths of mindfulness and motivation. Each episode is a journey into the essence of what it means to live fully, think deeply, and engage with the world in meaningful ways.

Empowering Change

My latest ventures, Voices in Motion and Resilient Roots, are testament to my belief in the power of communication and resilience. These courses are designed to equip yoga teachers, wellness professionals, and anyone on a path of personal development with the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and to lead with authenticity and intention.

Join the Movement

Whether you're seeking to deepen your yoga practice, find your voice, or step into a role of mindful leadership, you're in the right place. My work is dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards wellness, self-discovery, and transformative change. Let's explore the possibilities together.

Welcome to a world where movement meets stillness, teaching transforms into learning, and every breath is a step towards becoming who you are meant to be.