"Creating Movement is Harnessing the Soul"


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About: Raphan Kebe, visionary behind Space & Flow Yoga, elevates traditional yoga with a dynamic blend of somatic education, martial arts, dance, and strength training. Drawing from over 17 years of teaching experience, his unique sequences and methodologies have resonated with enthusiasts, professionals, and dancers alike.

Space & Flow Yoga: Established in 2010, Space & Flow stands as a testament to intentional teaching and a growth mindset. Rooted in creativity, sensuality, and resilience, it seeks not just to instruct, but to transform.

Sweet Blasphemy Podcast (page under construction): Delve deep into Raphan's insights on the acclaimed podcast, Sweet Blasphemy. Each episode promises enlightening conversations designed to stimulate, educate, and inspire.

Raphan's Journey: From the poetic heart of Paris to London's bustling streets and now the sun-kissed vistas of Barcelona, Raphan's journey is one of continuous exploration and profound growth.