Musicality, Timing, & Flow 

Step into a rhythmically enriched workshop designed specifically for yoga teachers and practitioners eager to intertwine the elements of music, various timings, and fluid motion into their Vinyasa practice.

Limited to only 8 participants, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore how music can elevate and inform the yoga experience.


  •  Understanding Musicality: Discover how to incorporate music effectively into your yoga sessions. Learn to select tracks that complement the pace and energy of different sequences, and understand how music can enhance the emotional and spiritual connection in your practice.
  •  Mastering Timing: Delve into musical beats and melodies influence your nervous system and your potential ‘Flow State’. Gain insights on how to time your sequences perfectly with musical cues, enhancing the overall flow and experience.
  •  Enhancing Flow: Focus on creating fluid transitions that use the rhythm of the music, allowing for a seamless experience that feels like a dance between poses.


  •  Morning Session (10am to 12:30pm): Begin with an introduction to musicality in yoga, exploring how different genres and tempos can influence practice. Experiment with various musical selections to understand their impact on energy levels and mood.
  •  Lunch Break (lunch not provided): Enjoy a moment to relax and share insights with fellow participants over a musical backdrop.
  •  Afternoon Session (2pm to 4:30pm): Engage in practical applications of timing and flow, using music to guide the pace and transitions of sequences.

This workshop is perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of how music and rhythm can integrate into a flow, making each session not just a practice, but a performance that moves both body and soul.

Join us for a day of creative exploration and leave with new skills that will bring harmony and rhythm to your yoga teaching and practice.



Musicality, Timing, & Flow