GRONINGEN, Netherlands 
31 May, 01 & 02 June

Centrum AL NOUR  Blekerstraat 17  9718 EA Groningen



Limited spaces



07, 08, & 09 June 2024

Friday 07 June
6 to 8pm
Saturday 08 & Sunday 09 June
10am to 4pm

Early Bird before 17 March


Cardiff Pilates Studio
16 Wyndham Crescent
Cardiff CF11 9EH



Empower Your Spine,
Strengthen Your Joints,
& Become More Agile!

 Dive into the world of spinal health and mobility with our immersive 2 or 3-day intensive. Specially designed for movement, yoga, and somatic educators, this program offers comprehensive training to enhance your spine's resilience and flexibility.

What You'll Learn:

  • Discover the Dance of the Spine: Embark on a journey to spinal health that marries strength with fluidity. Each movement is a step towards a stronger, more flexible spine, emphasizing spinal wellness in every graceful motion.
  • Embrace Wholeness in Motion: Experience our holistic approach that integrates mobility, strength, and flowing movements for complete spinal health. It's a symphony of exercises working in harmony for your spine’s vitality.
  • Experience the Dynamic Spine: Engage with sequences designed to liberate and enhance spinal mobility, focusing on movements that allow your spine to move with ease and strength.
  • Build Core Resilience: Strengthen from the center outwards. Learn mindful connections that fortify the spine, ensuring every movement contributes to core strength.
  • Integrated Practices for Spinal Vitality: Master the art of holistic spinal wellness. Our integrated practice provides deep insights into creating dynamic sequences for transformative spinal health.

Who Should Attend:

This training is ideal for certified yoga teachers and is also open to practitioners eager to deepen their understanding and practice in spinal well-being.


Complete the program and receive the Space & Flow Yoga "Spinal Yoga & Mobility Flow" Certificate (15h), a symbol of your dedication to mastering spinal vitality.

Transform Your Spine and Practice

Join us in this transformational journey to unlock the secrets of a resilient and agile spine. Enhance your teaching and personal practice with profound knowledge and techniques in spinal health and mobility.