Are you craving a teaching transformation that also nurtures your students' potential? 


Is traditional teaching holding back your creative essence? 

Could a fusion of structured learning and creative freedom transform your teaching experience?

Dive into the Space & Flow‚ĄĘ Yoga methodology, where structured learning meets creative freedom.
Enrich your practice, elevate your teaching skills, and unlock your students' untapped potential by embarking on a transformative adventure of growth, exploration, and self-expression.


  • Duration: 100-hour online journey spread over 6 weekends in a 3 month span
  • Guidance:¬†Taught by Raphan Kebe, the founder of S&F Yoga‚ĄĘ
  • Audience: Tailored for certified yoga teachers; open to practitioners¬†eager to challenge themselves
  • Essence: Delve into S&F Yoga, blending Yoga, Dance, and Somatics through three unique sequences
  • Weekend Activities:
    • Practice &¬†sequence breakdown
    • Teaching lab
    • S&F pedagogy¬†& philosophy
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  • Interactive Sessions¬†Engage in live online sessions with seasoned S&F Yoga practitioners.
  • Online portal¬†Access to the online S&F¬†video library including¬†the entire recordings of each session.
  • Teaching practicals¬†(non-compulsory) with Q&A's and direct feedback from Raphan and other qualified S&F teachers.
  • Teaching Pedagogy¬†and¬†Philosophy¬†Diversify, improve, and strengthen your sequencing, your verbal cueing and your voice as a teacher.
  • Flow¬†&¬†Pauses¬†(asanas)¬†Practice and learn each sequence in detail with an emphasis on your personal interpretation.¬†
  • Supportive community of Flow teachers and movers¬†Become part of a growing, creative, and diverse school of movement.




The Ayao sequence is not only the oldest S&F sequence on record but also a beautiful introduction to a movement-based Yoga practice. Named after the deity 'Ayao', an Orisha in the Santería pantheon linked with the air element, who is known for her warrior attributes and representing a blend of natural forces and combative spirit. 

  • Pedagogy: Often taught first to new students in order to introduce the movement style¬†of¬†S&F¬†by flowing through known shapes¬†and asanas.¬†
  • Vocabulary: Mainly composed of fairly recognisable asanas that are weaved with a sense of continuous flow, as opposed to marking shapes and poses.
  • Biomechanics:¬†Introducing the concept of "Taking root to fly"
  • Challenges: Timing, grounding, and physical presence



Oshun, the goddess of love, fertility, and rivers, symbolises the gentle flow of water, always changing yet very strong. Her elegant movements show both beauty and strength.
Oshun's nurturing spirit, embodied as a flow sequence, manifests through primary developmental movements like going up and down via circular motions. It's in these motions and moments of balance, patience, and smart patterning that a certain kinaesthetic intelligence unfurls.

  • Pedagogy:¬†Benefits from a multitude of scaling options (how to make harder/easier)¬†
  • Vocabulary:¬†Composed of only a few transitions that repeat themselves with variations
  • Biomechanics:¬†Introducing the ground, 3-points of support (mostly), and the concept of¬†circular motion within the body at various angles and levels
  • Challenges: Coordination, patience, and building the capacity to take on a physical puzzle



Shango, the god of thunder, lightning, and fire, represents strong will and natural power. His bold spirit lights the spark of bravery, helping people face life's challenges fearlessly. The Shango sequence illustrates the beautiful balance between power and resilience, showing us that our strength and flexibility can be used to overcome life's challenges.

  • Pedagogy:¬†Higher-level of coordination and understanding of pivots
  • Vocabulary:¬†Moving through all planes of motion and the introduction of precise manoeuvres alongside a few beautiful limitations
  • Biomechanics:¬†Rotational power: the concept of turning to ground and to lengthen
  • Challenges: Each movement sets the tone for the quality of three or four subsequent movements



The S&F Dynamic Warm Up (D.W.U) was created over 6000 classes and started off as variations of an entire 2-hour practice. It eventually grew and got polished to become the regular 25min warm-up that Raphan teaches in every S&F class and workshops.

The D.W.U proved to be much more than just a warm-up and actually acts as:

1. an introduction to the S&F vocabulary (both physical and verbal),
2. a way to get "in the room" for both the teacher and the students,
3. a time-space to read the
bodies and tune the energies in the room,
4. the place to "plant seeds" that will make the teaching and/or creation of a new sequence much easier.

  • Pedagogy:¬†Contains enough material to create and teach¬†30/45/90min¬†flow/asana classes, can easily be scaled¬†to various levels, and allows¬†the teacher to¬†infuse their own musicality, creativity, and sensuality into the practice
  • Vocabulary:¬†Aims to be where the S&F vocab and the teacher's unique voice are introduced
  • Biomechanics:¬†Introducing¬†all planes of motion, the four corners of the room, and the concept of circular motion in an usually¬†linear practice
  • Challenges:¬†It is a long sequence that can prove¬†demanding to learn as it takes 25/30 minutes to¬†get through on both sides
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This Training will help you

  • Ignite passion in your students towards freedom and flow.
  • Transform your teaching into an artistic endeavor.
  • Enhance sensuality in practice, enriching daily experiences.
  • Elevate your teaching to unparalleled levels.
  • Thrive within a supportive, inspiring community of teachers.¬†


Early bird until 1st December 2023: £820
From 1st December 2023: £950

Two scholarships
providing a 40% discount, are available for individuals facing financial challenges during their training.

9am to 4pm UK / 10h to 17h C.E.T

January 2024
 :  27/28
February: 10/11 & 24/25
March:  09/10 & 23/24
April:  06/07

Who Can Apply: Primarily for yoga teachers/professionals;
open to all eager to explore new dimensions of practice.

 During The Program: It's expected that you engage in a 30-minute practice for 5 days each week throughout the duration of the program. This training focuses on practising and teaching throughout the whole course. There are no final exams or written tests. Instead, you will receive feedback continuously as you progress.

After¬†The Program:¬†Upon completing the program, you'll have the opportunity to instruct the sequences covered in the course and be recognised as a "Space & Flow‚ĄĘ Yoga-Inspired" teacher. It's important to note that only individuals who have attained full qualification as S&F Yoga (300h) teachers are authorised to use this designation for their classes.

Further Studies: There will be two additional 100-hour programs available for teachers who wish to attain full certification as S&F Yoga instructors.

Refunds and Cancellations: All payments are final, except in cases of severe physical or medical injuries that occur prior to the course start date. If such a situation arises, please contact Raphan directly. In the event of an injury, you may opt for limited participation or simply observe the classes, but please note that refunds will not be issued. If Raphan needs to cancel the program, there is a possibility of rescheduling. If the new dates are not suitable for you, a full refund will be offered.

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"Space & Flow Yoga training with Raphan is a game-changer. His approach sets a high standard, offering top-notch physical training and incredible depth of awareness. The method opens doors to unlimited creativity and sensuality."

- Ghalia Mubarak, SA

"Raphan's guidance was a turning point in my teaching journey. His support and challenge struck a perfect balance, transforming my approach to be more spontaneous, enjoyable, and sustainable."

- Helen Gevaux, UK

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