Are you craving a teaching transformation that also nurtures your students' potential? 


Is traditional teaching holding back your creative essence? 

Could a fusion of structured learning and creative freedom transform your teaching experience?

Embark on a transformative journey with Space & Flow‚ĄĘ Yoga. This 100-hour online teacher training blends structured learning with creative freedom, enriching your practice, elevating your teaching skills, and unlocking your students' potential. Discover a unique fusion of Yoga, Dance, and Somatics, and join a community of innovative teachers.


  • Duration: 100 hours over 6 weekends in 3 months
  • Led by: Raphan Kebe, founder of¬†Space & Flow‚ĄĘ Yoga
  • For: Certified yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners
  • Focus:¬†Movement-based Yoga¬†practice, teaching,¬†and creative expression


  • Enhanced teaching skills with a focus on creativity and self-expression
  • Deep understanding of S&F Yoga's unique sequences and pedagogy
  • Access to our comprehensive online video library and interactive live sessions
  • Opportunity to join a vibrant, supportive community of Flow teachers and movers


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Space & Flow Yoga offers a unique blend of traditional and modern practices, designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your teaching skills. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Three Core Sequences:¬†Explore our signature sequences - Ayao, Oshun, and Shango. Each sequence offers a unique blend of movement styles, drawing from Yoga, Dance, and Somatics.
  • Dynamic Warm-Up:¬†Learn the S&F Dynamic Warm-Up, a versatile tool to prepare for any class, adaptable to various lengths and styles.
  • Teaching Labs: Participate in interactive teaching labs where you'll practice and refine your skills with direct feedback from experienced instructors.
  • S&F Pedagogy & Philosophy: Delve into the philosophy behind Space & Flow Yoga, learning how to integrate it into your teaching for a more holistic approach.
  • Practical Application: Engage in teaching practicals, enhancing your ability to create sequences and guide students effectively.


  • Online Portal Access: Get exclusive access to our extensive video library, including the session recordings, for six months.
  • Community Support: Join a network of Flow teachers and movers, fostering connections and collaborative learning.

AYAO - The Dance of Air and Warrior Spirit 

  • Inspiration: Named after the air deity 'Ayao', this sequence embodies the warrior spirit, blending natural forces with a combative essence.
  • Experience: Flow through familiar asanas with a continuous, dynamic rhythm, embracing the concept of "Taking root to fly."
  • Focus: Enhance timing, grounding, and physical presence, introducing you to the unique movement style of S&F Yoga.

OSHUN - Embrace the Flow of Love and Fertility

  • Inspiration: Symbolising the goddess of love and rivers, the Oshun sequence reflects the strength and beauty of water's gentle flow.
  • Experience: Navigate primary developmental movements with circular motions, fostering balance, patience, and kinaesthetic intelligence.
  • Focus: Develop coordination and the ability to solve physical puzzles, exploring variations in a few key transitions.

SHANGO - Ignite the Power of Thunder and Resilience 

  • Inspiration: Representing the god of thunder, Shango's sequence is a testament to strength and natural power, encouraging bravery in life's challenges.
  • Experience: Move through all planes of motion with precision, balancing power and flexibility in a dance of resilience.
  • Focus: Learn rotational power and the art of turning to ground and lengthen, setting a tone for subsequent movements.


More Than Just a Beginning

  • Utility: A comprehensive warm-up that evolves into a full practice, introducing S&F vocabulary and tuning into the room's energy.
  • Experience: Engage in a sequence that allows for creativity and personal interpretation, adaptable to various class lengths and styles.
  • Focus: Master a sequence that challenges you to learn and adapt, covering all planes of motion and introducing circular movements.
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This Training will help you

  • Ignite passion in your students towards freedom and flow.
  • Transform your teaching into an artistic endeavor.
  • Enhance sensuality in practice, enriching daily experiences.
  • Elevate your teaching to unparalleled levels.
  • Thrive within a supportive, inspiring community of teachers.¬†


Who Can Join:

  • Target Audience: Primarily designed for yoga teachers/professionals.
  • Open to All: Enthusiasts eager to explore new dimensions of practice are welcome.

Investment in Your Growth:

  • Course Fee: ¬£950, including a ¬£300 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.
  • Flexible Payment: Balance of ¬£650 due before the course begins.
  • Scholarships Available: Two scholarships offering a 40% discount for those facing financial challenges.

Training Schedule:

  • Duration: 6 weekends over a 3-month period.
  • Daily Hours: 9am to 4pm UK / 10am to 5pm C.E.T via Zoom.
  • Dates:¬†¬†27/28 January¬†2024
                 10/11 & 24/25 February 
                 09/10 & 23/24 March 
                 06/07 April

Commitment to Practice:

  • Regular Practice: Engage in a 30-minute practice for 5 days each week throughout the training.
  • No Final Exams: Continuous feedback and practical teaching experience instead of written tests.

Post-Training Opportunities:

  • Teaching Recognition: Become a "Space & Flow‚ĄĘ Yoga-Inspired" teacher upon completion.
  • Further Certification: Options for additional 100-hour programs for full S&F Yoga certification.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Refunds: All payments are final, except in cases of severe physical or medical injuries before the course start.
  • Rescheduling Options: Available if the program is cancelled by the organizer.


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"Space & Flow Yoga training with Raphan is a game-changer.
His approach sets a high standard, offering top-notch physical training and incredible depth of awareness. The method opens doors to unlimited creativity and sensuality."

- Ghalia Mubarak, SA

"Raphan's guidance was a turning point in my teaching journey.
His support and challenge struck a perfect balance, transforming my approach to be more spontaneous, enjoyable, and sustainable."

- Helen Gevaux, UK

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