Yoga Teachers' Path to Inner Strength

Unlock Your Inner Resilience. Transform Your Teaching. Empower Your Life.





Welcome to Your Resilience Journey

As teachers, we dedicate ourselves to guiding others, often placing our own needs second. Resilient Roots is designed to shift this narrative, offering you a sanctuary to fortify your inner resilience, master stress management, and cultivate a growth mindset.

Join us for an online 6-week course, now available at a special launching price of £108.
This investment in yourself not only promises personal growth but also professional excellence, ensuring that you can navigate life's challenges with grace and empower your teaching practice.

Why Join Resilient Roots?

  • Tailored for Yoga Teachers: Experience a program crafted with the unique challenges and aspirations of yoga teachers in mind.
  • Community of Fellow Teachers: With a cap of 12 participants, enjoy an intimate setting that fosters deep connections, shared experiences, and mutual growth.
  • Curriculum Crafted for You: From practical stress management techniques to fostering emotional resilience and a growth mindset, every aspect is designed to empower your personal and professional growth. 




What's Inside the Program?

 Schedule & Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Rooting in Resilience - Discover your inner strength and how it can be the foundation of your teaching.

Week 2: Flowing with Change - Learn stress management techniques tailored for the unique challenges of yoga teachers.

Week 3: Growing from the Mat Up - Embrace challenges as opportunities for deep personal and professional growth.

Week 4: The Heart of Teaching - Cultivate emotional resilience and compassion, for yourself and your students.

Week 5: Connecting and Reflecting - Strengthen your teaching community and integrate resilience into your classes.

Week 6: Sowing Seeds for the Future - Set intentions for your continued growth journey, in and out of the studio.

Program Features:

90-Minute Weekly Group Sessions: Dive deep into each theme with live, interactive sessions that blend learning with practical application. All sessions will be conducted online, with recordings available on this website and through the Kajabi app, ensuring you have access to these transformative resources whenever you need them.

Mindfulness and Yoga Practices: Weekly mindfulness exercises and yoga practices to enhance your resilience journey, designed to integrate seamlessly into both your personal practice and teaching.

Exclusive Coaching Discount: Enhance your journey with optional one-on-one coaching at a discounted rate for "Resilient Roots" participants. Tailored to complement the program, these sessions focus on your unique needs and goals. Inquire directly with Raphan to express your interest.

Community Support: Gain access to an exclusive online community for sharing, support, and continued growth beyond the program. This vibrant community space is where you can connect with fellow yoga teachers, share insights, and find encouragement on your journey to resilience and empowerment.


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